Commandant’s Office

Close supervision of all facets of cadet life by this department, including daily room inspections, promotes health and safety throughout the barracks. Attention to detail is constantly reinforced to cadets, fostering responsibility for their actions and pride in their accomplishments as well as in the accomplishments of the entire Corps of Cadets.

New cadets are assigned Cadet Mentors by the Commandant’s Office and this “positive peer pressure” approach is closely monitored and maintained by the Commandant and TAC Officers. The new cadet system teaches leadership and responsibility to new cadets and the cadets charged with mentoring them.

Through daily, consistent interaction with strong positive male role models, the Corps of Cadets at FMS benefits from the experience and professionalism of the Office of the Commandant.

LTC Steven Piazza (VA)

Commandant of Cadets

(540) 946-7700 ext. 116

Major Scott May (VA)

Deputy Commandant

(540) 946-7700 ext. 117