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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

It’s been said that a mentor isn’t someone who walks ahead of you to show you how they did it. A mentor walks alongside to show you what you can do. At Fishburne, we not only work hard to see what’s great in you, our mentors and advisors help you see for yourself what’s great in you. Then help you unleash it for the success you always knew you could achieve.

    Each cadet is assigned an Academic Advisor who has contact with him almost daily.
    Each cadet at Fishburne is assigned an Academic Advisor who has contact with the student almost daily. The advisor is responsible for helping the student with academic growth. In order to keep parents informed, the advisor contacts the parents periodically throughout the year. The advisor is the parents’ point of contact with FMS.
    Tutoring is deemed necessary, a parent may hire a tutor for their cadet.
    If additional Tutoring is deemed necessary, a parent may hire a tutor for their cadet. The Headmaster will provide parents with a list of approved tutors. Parents must work directly with the tutor(s) to determine hours and payment arrangements

Study Halls

Help Class
A forty-minute Help Class period is available four days a week. Each student may voluntarily attend for one-on-one assistance or to complete work for that class.

Study Hall
A supervised Study Hall is conducted every Sunday through Thursday evening. Cadets may study in the library (Mon-Thu) or in their barracks rooms. Hired (school-approved) tutors are permitted on campus during this period. Study Hall is monitored by TAC Officers in the barracks and by a faculty member in the library.

Preparation of Academic Plan

The preparation of a Cadet’s academic plan is an important matter and deserves a great deal of thought by both the Cadet and his parents. The plan should be designed to include the schedule of courses that must be taken over the specified number of school years and Summer School sessions which will lead to graduation. The academic plan for the new Cadet is based on past performance and consultation with the Cadet and his parents. The scheduling process for a returning Cadet involves meetings with his faculty advisor and review of his schedule by the Headmaster, and the Cadet’s parents.